Health & Safety

Resident and staff safety is top priority

The community is designed with many security features that support resident well-being.

Infection control

Understanding the need to focus on infection control, our ventilation system is a 100% outside air system. This is different than a recirculating air system that exists in many other buildings. Having 100% outside air intake means all the exhaust air leaves the building and is replaced with new outside air. None of the exhaust air is recirculated.

Additional safety features:

Safety in resident
living areas

Resident suites feature oversized easy-to-use, high-efficiency European-style windows with a turn-only option and a 4-inch safety limiter. These windows allow for plenty of natural light in each resident suite. Bathrooms are thoughtfully designed with resident safety in mind, including “curbless” showers and a trench drain to create a barrier-free entrance to the shower. This makes it accessible for those with disabilities using wheelchairs, and for all other users as well.

Additional bathroom safety features:

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Please reach out if you would like to know more about our health and safety features.

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