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The Learned EnvironmentSM

Our unique dementia therapies programming, The Learned Environment℠, is curated to stimulate the brain while fostering learning. The Learned Environment℠ is a program centered around a three-track curriculum for “in the moment” or long-term learning. Our curriculum focuses on music, art and foreign languages. Residents participate and engage at their own cognitive level while learning a new musical instrument, participating in different genres of art, and hearing or participating in song, poem, counting or sayings in another language. The Learned Environment℠ is extremely powerful in elevating mood, engagement, and self-purpose.

Music for the Mind

It's been widely studied that music can be therapeutic for individuals with dementia and may reduce agitation and behavioral challenges. Learning a musical instrument can improve both cognitive memory and muscle memory. Music for the Mind introduces new songs and instruments such as the recorder, percussion instruments, tambourine, ukulele, to name a few. Singing together in a supportive, friendly group is uplifting, enjoyable and hugely therapeutic for people living with dementia and caregivers alike.


Art can be therapeutic in all stages of life and is particularly helpful for people living with dementia. Our art classes explore creative and imaginative expressions using different mediums of art including painting, drawing and sculpture. People experiencing cognitive challenges have been known to find a new talent in creating art. Residents not only benefit from the creative group atmosphere, but art is also known to reduce cortisol, the stress hormone, no matter a person’s skill level. Residents achieve a unique sense of accomplishment with their finished work and that is extremely powerful.

Foreign Languages

Learning a language increases the volume and density of gray matter, the volume of white matter, and brain connectivity. In older adults, some studies show cognitive benefits beyond languages, such as for working memory. Everyone learns at their own pace, with some residents able to learn phrases or numeric counting in a foreign language while others may participate in hearing and singing a song in a foreign language. Residents will be able to participate in classroom-style foreign language courses. Regardless, all participants can engage and stimulate their brain to a new language.

The Cordwainer has partnered with Lingo Flamingo, a not-for-profit organization that provides tailored foreign language classes for older adults and those living with dementia. Founded in Scotland, Lingo Flamingo’s programing offers fun, sensory linguistic experiences to improve the well-being of participants, specifically through building confidence, creating connections between learners, stimulating the mind, and offering something new and exciting.

Every day
is a new day

Designed specifically for residents with dementia, our curriculum incorporates learning opportunities in our activities of daily living, the environment, and the materials we supply. It helps residents gain purpose and feel daily achievements. It also empowers our staff to better manage the complex behavioral and communication challenges dementia care can present.

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