Memory Care Suite Options

Are you looking for senior apartments near Boston for memory care? The Cordwainer offers a selection of private and companion suites on each of our two floors. These memory care suites border the community rooms, which are used for activities, relaxation, and performances.

Private Care Suites

Our private suites are thoughtfully designed to ensure well-being and encourage independence and wellness.

Unique features include:

Memory Care Suites - Private

Private Suite: 354-384 square feet

Companion Suites

The Cordwainer offers a limited number of companion suites. These suites feature a shared sitting area, shared bathroom, and two private bedrooms. Companion suites include all the unique features offered in our private suites to ensure well-being and promote independence and wellness.

Memory Care Suites - Companion

Companion Suite: 510-529 square feet

Memory Care Apartments: Choosing the Right Option

Selecting the best living arrangement for your loved one involves understanding their unique needs and preferences. Memory care units offer private and companion suites, each designed to support independence and well-being.

Memory care apartments provide a secure environment with specialized features to aid residents in daily living. Private suites are ideal for individuals who value personal space and require a higher degree of privacy. These suites offer a tranquil setting with plenty of natural light and features encouraging comfort, ease, and independence.

On the other hand, companion suites can be beneficial for those who thrive on social interaction. Sharing a living space with another resident can offer companionship and reduce feelings of isolation. Each suite includes private bedrooms and shared common areas, combining privacy with the opportunity for social engagement and peer support.

When choosing between senior apartments, Boston and the surrounding area can offer proximity to families and familiarity with the surrounding community. Although our community is located just outside the city, it provides the serene and supportive environment essential for Alzheimer’s and dementia care.

Ultimately, the decision depends on your loved one’s individual needs and preferences. Both options in our Norwell senior apartments provide a nurturing environment to support their journey.

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