The Cordwainer’s Memory Care Approach Includes Amenities and Programs for Men

Senior living communities often experience a gender imbalance due to factors like differences in life expectancy and societal perceptions about seeking assistance. Normally, these communities have a ratio of 70% female to 30% male residents, and in memory care, this ratio can be even higher.

At The Cordwainer Memory Care in Norwell, however, this norm shifts, boasting a healthy balance between genders. The Cordwainer ensures both genders feel equally at home and valued through its tailored approach. This atmosphere has forged strong bonds inside the male portion of the community and led to organic growth through positive word of mouth. Let’s delve into the amenities and programs that are in place that make men feel welcome.

Amenities that have been developed within the community, with men in mind, include:

  • An exercise program focuses on various needs using specialized exercise equipment catering to varying fitness levels and preferences.
  • A Wood and Artwork studio offers a place where residents can work on art projects, pottery, craft bird boxes, memory boxes, wooden animals, and more, fostering camaraderie as residents discuss their projects.
  • The Cordwainer has much more open space areas within the interiors than traditional memory care communities, allowing residents spaces to relax or gather for communal programs. The community lounge has become a relaxing space where all residents can work on puzzles, watch TED talk, or just have a cup of coffee and converse.
  • The convenience of an on-site barber shop has appealed to men.
  • For the sports enthusiasts and hobbyists, The Cordwainer installed a putting green.

While all residents are welcome, the community has also developed some programs for residents that have a slant toward traditional male interests, such as:

  • The Men’s Club, which gathers to watch old baseball games and various sporting events. They’ll chat about the games over pizza and NA beer, just like they would at a local pub. 
  • Bowling, dart games, and ball tosses ignite healthy competition and keep residents engaged and active. 
  • Day trips and outings to shopping areas, cultural events, and seasonal excursions, including Holiday Lights or trips to the Natural Wildlife Center. 
  • Tailored events honoring veterans honor those who’ve served our country.
  • Resident-led culinary sessions foster communal cooking and bonding. For example, a resident and his son curated an authentic Italian feast, sparking meaningful conversation among fellow residents. 

The Cordwainer prioritizes open communication and feedback, including developing social profiles that help flesh out resident preferences. In a recent event, a former car dealership owner led a fascinating discussion, while the author talks have added intellectual flair to the community’s events. Finally, monthly resident feedback sessions ensure every resident voice is heard.

The Cordwainer’s commitment to tailored amenities and engaging programs has appealed to men and their families, who see the effort that has gone into making everyone in the community welcome. Resounding feedback from residents echoes this sentiment.

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